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Make Life Matter


Your Life &  
Death Coach

How do I live well in spite of mental or physical illness? How do I live a fulfilled and meaningful life? What makes life matter?

As a life coach, I use my clinical and existential psychology training to help people tackle big questions like these. 

As a death coach, I use my psychology and end-of-life doula training to provide logistical and emotional support to people with life-threatening illnesses or other death-related concerns so they can focus on what matters.

For all my clients, I find out where you are, help you figure out where you want to go, and work with you on how to get there.


Are you ready to get started?

Who I Am

I’m Dr. Devin Guthrie (PhD, M.S.), and I know pain. For fifteen years with fibromyalgia, pain and anxiety were my constant companions. I used to believe I had to wait for my symptoms to get better for my life to get better, and I was wrong.


You don’t have to wait.

No matter the physical or mental illness, no matter the challenges you face, you can live a fulfilled and meaningful life. My life’s meaning is to show you how.

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